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Entrepreneur power couple, parents of the three cutest kids in the universe (we'ren not bias at all) and travel addicted foodies. We believe all businesses can succeed with strategy, a solid marketing plan and a big sense of humor. 

Pay attention to the competition. This isn’t to say that you can’t set your prices at whatever you want. But having awareness of industry norms will help you serve your people at the proper level.

Consider the value. What are people getting? Are you giving them the key to the secrets of the universe? If so, can you send it to us? Are you selling leather goods at faux leather prices? If you’re offering the world or a diamond on a silver platter, please don’t give it to people for $7. Think through the elements of what you are selling and how they are going to better the lives of your customer. Sell them on the value THEY will get rather unsell yourself just to earn a quick buck.

Look at your margins. You can't make money if you are losing profits each time you make a sale.  Being strategic about the way you price your products is the way to grow wealth in your business. Know how much your product or service costs before you price to sell.  But that's just the beginning. Make sure you include any other expenses like paid advertising, software services and your time.





Want to hit the road and make some marketing magic?

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You’re a go-getter. You took a quiz because you want to sell, and sell a LOT. You know if you can find the perfect product and pair it with great promotion, you’ll be golden. 

We know you’ll have a leg up on the competition by creating a marketing roadmap. This is the first step in having a comprehensive marketing plan for your business. Understanding each element of marketing and how they can fit together in your business, will help you save time and alleviate guess work that has been holding you back!